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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Issues

If you have paid for the app, please keep the invoice. Sometimes payments don't work in real- time and you may need to exit from the app and retry open it after 5 minutes.If this will not help please fill in the Contact Us form with the mentioned details.

The payment is one - time and for one device.

If Pay with card method is not allowed in your country you can pay by Wise and Payoneer as well by this email address [email protected] You can pay by Bitcoin as well.

If you want a refund, please send a refund request to Pay with card method and we will process it within 3 work days.If you get these errors “Invalid account” “Playlist is not active” “Incorrect username or password” “Playlist is disabled” “Playlist is expired” and “Sorry, there was an error loading the player” it means that you have an issue with your playlist URL and activation.

“Error loading(channels / movies / series)” “No(channels / movies / series) found” These errors mean that there is an issue with the content of your playlist.

We can't control these issues and kindly ask you to contact your playlist provider and try again.

Playlist Issues

If your playlist worked on your PC or at the moment when you bought it is not a guarantee that it will work at that moment.
Not all Smart TVs support all types of streaming formats of content.
Playlist links can have limitations and too many users attached to them which is why they may not work properly, may freeze, and may give errors.
Playlists may have some restrictions and not work.
We do not have any kind of assistance on them and you need to contact your playlist provider.
If you are adding a playlist and getting an error of “Playlist with this URL already exists” then you already added that playlist, refresh the web page and TV app to find it.
We don't provide any content or give info on getting playlists from anywhere. We only provide a Media player and do not take responsibility for the uploaded content.

MAC Address

Each TV has 2 MAC addresses(WIFI/LAN) and if you change your connection type it will be changed automatically.If MAC is changed anyway please send your new MAC address with the old one and payment invoice so that we can reactivate it.Otherwise, we can't do anything without this information.

EPG Issues

Our Media Player does not support EPG links separately, if your provider has it integrated into the playlist, then it will work.

Subtitles / Audio tracks issue

Smart TVs have certain formats for subtitles/audio tracks that they support. If the formats differ from the ones you will not have a subtitles/audio tracks option.